Buying a Memory Foam Topper – Amazing Knowledge You Must Have

So you have bought new memory foam and now, want to purchase its topper? Let’s visit Just Go Sleep. You might be in state of confusion that which topper should you buy and which will suit it best. Or you might be thinking whether you really need it or not? If you want to get basics about toppers of memory foam, this article will serve you best. First you must know that what are foam toppers and why we need it.  A topper is a sort of protector. It is removable bedding that is on the top your foam. It also encases a mattress to provide it protection.  We will discuss that why you should have to buy a topper. But before this, let’s have a glance over different types of toppers.

  • Fleece : Adds several inches of fluffiness to the foam
  • Cooling: A gel memory foam mattress topper reviews filled cavity in the topper providing cooling sensation to the body
  • Synthetic down: Most appropriate in winters when you need extra warmth sensations.
  • Memory foam toppers: Use in memory foams to give comfort and relaxation.


You must buy memory foam topper because:

  1. If you want protection of your mattress.
  2. If you feel pain and aches in your back and neck maybe you can try a natural latex mattress topper.
  3. If you are an allergic patient.
  4. If new memory foam is so much tight and firm that you feel uncomfortable.
  5. If you are patient of arthritis.
  6. If you are advised to have calm sleep.
  7. If you feel numbness during sleep.
  8. If you feel restlessness and fatigue.
  9. If you want better blood circulation as in problem of gangrene.
  10. If you have stiff neck.

So if you are victim of restlessness and insomnia, you must have a bed topper at once. Your mattress becomes more protective with topper. Toppers are cost effective too because they secure your new mattress completely. Moreover, if you have uncomfortable and old mattress, you will be able to convert this uncomfortable mattress into soft comfy one.

Factors you must consider while purchasing a topper

  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Thickness
  • Density
  • Durability
  • ILD
  1. Temperature sensitivity

Best memory foam mattress topper get soften by absorbing body heat. You must buy toppers according to the environment and seasons. The heating sensation might be pleasing in winter but surely uncomfortably hot during summer. So you must know the heat regulation capacity of your topper.

  1. Thickness

Thickness of your depends upon its density. You must have following consideration when you are choosing your mattress top.

  • If you have pressure related problems, you must have 2 inch topper that can satisfy your comfort
  • If you have spine alignment issues, use 3 inches topper. It will give relaxation to your body
  1. Density

Density is indicator of quality and comfort in toppers. The denser the topper is, the better it performs. The density range falls between 2lb to 5lb.

  1. Durability

Average life span of toppers is 5 months to 3 years. But you must know that toppers which are denser have more durability as compared to the less dense one. With the passage of time, the firmness of the topper decreases and functionality alleviates swiftly.

  1. ILD

ILD rating is Indentation load deflection rating. The higher the rating is, firmer the topper is.  The range lies between 10 and 100.

Whenever you go to market to buy a new topper, you must have knowledge about the reputation of the product you are going to purchase. If you don’t have any information, the sale man will find you a lay man and can put trick on you. There are many counterfeit goods in market, so you must need to be extremely cautious before deciding to purchase a product.

In conclusion, memory foam toppers are good for you. You must buy them to protect your mattress as well as your mind and body. But while buying a topper, ask all the necessary questions you need to know before you leave the shop. Have a memory foam topper and enjoy your nights!

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