Embroidery Machine Hoops – What do you want to know?

Are you among those who are in learning phase – about the embroidery machines? Are you that individual who visit 20s of sites daily and read various articles daily about different parts of embroidery and sewing machines? Are you among those who want to know each and every thing about embroidery machine?

Embroidery machines come in various sizes and styles. You may find different types of embroidery machines within different price ranges. You can find the embroidery machine that may be extremely simple to that which is highly complex and computerized – it simply depends on your needs what type of machine you want to purchase!

Well –there is no hard and fast rule to select any product for you – as stated above – it depends on your personal preferences and budget that what you want to have – but you can consider the following factors while purchasing a embroidery machine for you.

Embroidery Machine Hoops

  • Budget and money in your pocket.
  • Personal preferences.
  • Leisure hours.
  • Hobby or profession.
  • Interest and determination.
  • Method of buying – online or local store.
  • Visit the local market – ask about prices.
  • Visit the sites- reviews and ratings.
  • Quality of the product.
  • Warranty and guarantee.

Embroidery hoops

Well –we are here to guide you about the embroidery hoops – what are embroidery hoops? Why you want them? What are their functions and specifications – all will be discussed here.

What are embroidery hoops – Embroidery hoops – the tools which are used to keep fabric in place – while doing the embroidery or some other needle work!

  • Embroidery hoop – a pair of concentric rings or circular pins.
  • A form of metal screw.
  • Used to keep taut the fabric while stitching.
  • These hoops come in various sizes and shapes.
  • Easily handles.
  • They may be of metal, plastic or wood.

There are different types of hoops – some of the very common are.

  • Spring tension hoops.
  • Plastic hoops.
  • Wooden hoops.
  • Flexi hoops.

What are embroidery frames – frames are used to keep whole piece of fabric – taut in one place – there are different types of frames – some are as follow.

  • No sew frame.
  • Roller frame.
  • Rotating frame.

How to choose a hoop or frame – quick tips

You must consider following factors while selecting a hoop or frame.

  1. Material – which material you want to employ – plastic, wood or metal.
  2. Size – what your project needs.
  3. Portability – either you want to use for home or for some larger scale project.

Advantages and disadvantages of hoops – general reviews


  • Easily handled – can be handled either in hand or lap.
  • Hoops can be used for every large and small scale project.
  • Relatively inexpensive and easily available.
  • You may find them easily in every size and shape.


  • Can’t handle some fabrics – silk or velvet.
  • Poor quality of hoops can damage the fabrics.
  • Easily breakable.

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